April 1, 2005


Bashing Botox: Are Cosmetic Procedures Anti-Chiropractic?

Reader Asks to Set the Record Straight on Proteases



In this issue... I t's our annual itxiiniqui- issuk and, hoy, iiavi-: we got techniques for you! This issue we bring you in­formation on six great techniques to address your patients with a wide scope of conditions--from snoring to scoliosis. With t


A New Generation of Adjusting Instruments

How it all began? Side posture This whole series of adjustment instru­ments has evolved over a period of ten years and has been tested by Gonstead doctors throughout Europe, Japan and also the United States. The first table that was designed and bui


Posterior Arch Fracture of the Atlas

'History This young adult patient has had a motor vehicle accident with a "whiplash" type in­jury. Painful hyperextension of the cervical region is experienced by the patient. Discussion The radiolucent unilateral defect in the pos­terior arch of th

TAC Advisors


Q lt used to be that to establish medical necessity for care, you need only submit a copy of your travel card and frequently you got paid. It is not that easy today and the fact that the patient had a subjective complaint is simply not enough.


Compliance Department

a n an effort to help you maximize all your services, Dr. m Daniel Dahan has identified 7 departmental areas in your I practice, which need to be addressed. Each of these areas is being dealt with sequentially in The American Chiroprac­tor. By follo


Managing Chronic Migraines, Daily Headaches, and Fibromyalgia

Reference: Cerebrospinal Fluid [CSF] Glutamate Levels in Chronic Migraine From: Cephalalgia, September 2004, Page 735 MFP Peres, E Zukerman, CA Senne Soares, E O Alonso, BFC Santos & MHW Faulhaber Background Information from Dan Murphy Glutamate (an


Techniques: Diversity of Art and Science Developing a technique requires more than merely modifying an adjusting table and giving seminars

C HIROPRACTIC IS AN INCREDIBLY 01-verse profession, boasting more than 100 different techniques (one list puts the number closer to 120 and one online source even claims there are 200). Some are extremely well known, such as Diversified or Atlas Ort


Study Explores Chiropractic Influence on Oxidative Stress and DNA Repair

Effect on human biology could explain improved health in chiropractic patients In a landmark study published recently in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR; www.jvsr.com), chiropractors collaborating with re­searchers at the Univers

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