January 1, 2005


The Collection Department Where it counts!




In this issue... THE BEST WAY TO LEARN IS BY EXAMPLE. So, THIS YEAR, you'll be seeing a greater emphasis in TAC on ar­ticles and interviews with easy-to-apply informa­tion from exemplary professionals in "case study" formats. And, with our, now, mon


The Collection Department Where it counts!

/n an effort to help you maximize all your services. Dr. Daniel Dahan has identified 7 depart­mental areas in your practice, which need to he addressed. Each of these areas is being dealt with sequentially in The American Chi­ropractor. By following



Q« What differences did you see in • your health growing up as a child in a chiropractic family? A: Neither I, nor my two sisters was ever vaccinated, some­thing that was practically unheard of in the 1960's. Mom and Dad tell the story of finding a


Chiropractic in Pregnancy:

A Much Needed Service. Pregnant women are in need of our care. Routine prenatal procedures are not providing women with the confi­dence and ability to have safe and natu­ral births. The rate of dystocia (difficult labor) has increased significantly


Can it happen to you?

ARE HEALTH CARE FRAUD INVESTI-gations and criminal indictments brought only against the guilty? The short answer is no. Given the right circumstances, the likelihood of finding oneself fighting against a criminal indictment based on billing mistakes


Complete Wellness

Interview with John W. Brimhail, B.A., B.S., D.C., F.IAM.A., D.I.BAK. r. John Brimhall has been referred to as "The Father of Wellness Care in Chiropractic". The much-lettered Doctor began a stellar career, which has now spanned more than three deca


Garlic, Ginger and Turmeric for Your Health

IF YOU ARE NOT SPICING YOUR MEALS WITH GARLIC, GINGER AND turmeric (GG&T), you need to be taking them as supplements. GG&T are known to be natural anti-inflammatory supplements, and are beginning to be viewed as foods and/or supplements for cancer p


James P. Cima, D.C. Blows Away Commonly Believed Nutrition Myths

Dr. James P. Cima has been teaching, and writing on the subject of nutrition for over 20 years. In the following Q & A, he tells it like it is—not necessarily the way you might think it is! Q: What are the two most important things that a doctor nee



N UTRITION, IN A BROAD PHYSIOLOGIC SENSE, IS DEFINED AS THE process by which a living organism assimilates food and uses it for growth and for replacement of tissues. One definition includes the limitation that nutrition is to maintain the organ­ism


An Update

A CASCADE OF PHYSIOLOGICAL, BIOMECHANICAL AND biochemical events complicate Acute and Re­petitive Injuries. Musculoskeletal pain and range of motion is affected by biomechanical aber­ration, joint dysfunction, segmental hyper/hypo-mobility and the r

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