September 1, 2004


Rehab of CAD Injury

Sacral Fractures

Maximize Your Practice's Potential


Rehab of CAD Injury

People who present with whiplash injuries (Cervical Acceleration-Deacceleration) often do not re­spond completely to care. In fact, per­sisting symptoms are common in this group.


Sacral Fractures

IDT Announces New Emerging Computer Aided X-ray Technologies International Diagnostic Technologies' (IDT) goal is to acquaint chiropractors with Computer Aided Digitizing Analysis as a valuable objec­tive documentation technology and teach chiro­pra


Maximize Your Practice's Potential

TIME-SAVER ICS Software's Insurance Card Scanner Hits the Market ICS Software, Ltd., producers of the industry's most comprehensive mobile prac­tice management and appointment reminder sys­tems, is happy to announce the newest addi­tion to its Sammy



I I • What was it like growing up as a child of ^t * a chiropractor? A: Growing up, our toys were the equipment in Dad's home office. My sister and I would take turns climbing on to the headpiece of the old porcelain-based, high-low table and launch


On the Road

JEFF SPENCER, D.C, D r. Jeff Spencer is a former champion cyclist who competed on the I 7972 United States Olympic Team as a sprint cyclist and currently serves as chiropractor for the United States Postal Service Profes-I sional Cycling Team. A 197


McCOY's track record

Interview with HarolWcCoy, D.C., DAC.S., C.C.S.T., F.I.C.A. W ith almost 30 years of experience in practice, Dr. Harold McCoy has established quite a track record in incorporat­ing chiropractic to achieve optimal sports performance in world-class at


Go to the Source of the Subluxation with Neuromuscular Reeducation

A RI-: YOU LOOKING 1OR A WAY TO improve your skills? Get patients better faster? Build a large referral base? Have a cash practice? Charge what you're worth? Read on!!! What is the answer to the ongoing problems with insurance companies, work comp,


Homeopathic Wellness Care

W ixlnuss CARii is a popular suBJect in today's health-minded population. Your value, as a chiropractor, is proportional to your ability to help people with health issues; and nothing speaks louder or increases your value, as a doctor, more than hel


It's a Good Time to Take Inventory

T ilt: CHILDREN IIAVi: CiONIi HACK TO SCHOOL AND SUMMKR IS over—the season, if not the heat. Many offices see an ebb and How to their practice volume during certain times of the year and summer can be one of the more relaxed times. The pace of activ


Create Your Future: Use of an Effective Business Expansion Planning Calendar

L i's fact: thf facts. Altiiouch ihi-: avi:rac;f. chiro-practor does see an oceasional "walk-in" new patient, this is more the exception than the rule. We. as chiropractors, consider that there is a minimum number of new patients that we need to see

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