August 1, 2004


Lumbar Spine Compression Fractures

Interview with Dan Murphy



In this issue we bring you an interview with one of the profession's most respected seminar speakers. Dr. Dan Murphy. I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Murphy speak at a


Lumbar Spine Compression Fractures

Figure 1 ► Compression fracture of L2 and L4 superior vertebral endplates. Observe the "Step Defect" at the corners of the superior endplate. Till: RADIOCJRAPHIC SIGNS OF VERTE-bral compression fracture are of­ten subtle. Radiographs of opti­mal qua


Interview with Dan Murphy

With this issue's focus on Seminars & Education Opportunities, The American Chiropractor (TAC) interviews one of the most knowledgeable and respected speakers and educators in the chiropractic profession, Dr. Daniel Murphy. A 1978 graduate of Wester



M8C Prqfhjk PERSONAL: Widowed. Was married for fifteen years to a won­derful chiropractor and spouse, Marilou, and has five children who are in college and high school. Recreation and Leisure: "I feel that exercising is necessary to get out the nega


CranioSacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a manual modality that has made its way into the chiropractic clinic as an effective adjunctive therapy. It focuses on normalizing the craniosacral system, which extends from the skull, face and mouth down to the sacrum

Adjunctive Therapy

A Primer on "Decompression"

THERE ARE MANY TREATMENT OPTIONS AVAILABLE TO chiropractors today. Regrettably, many of them carry more hyperbole than technology. Wildly expensive "cutting edge" technology can have its advantages, but can also really hurt your practice (and your c


Integrated Software

The Answer to Your Office Problems


Helping Your Patients' Pets with Homeopathy

Ri:IS, AS IAMILY MliMBIIRS, ARIi VliRY MUCH A part of the family dynamic, and dependent , m people for choosing their care. As our loyal friends (and biggest fans), they deserve the finest care available. Homeopathy offers wonderfully safe solutions


The Business of Diagnostics

DIAGNOSTIC PROCEDURES USED BY many chiropractors fall into two basic business classifications: those that represent billable services for the doctor or clinic and those that are referred to another practitioner or facility with no financial componen


Creating a High Quality Image

In today's society, image is everything. Public perception of a service or product can actually make or break a business. Lets face it.. .chiropractic has had a less than positive public perception for over 100 years. Do you ever contemplate vour im

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