May 1, 2004


Nice job, but are they really Experts?




In this issue... O ur cover story this issue features a very familiar face, Dr. Terry Yochum. You may recognize him as the author of our recurring Radiology Corner col­umn, or from seeing him speak at a recent seminar, but, more importantly. Dr. Yoc



Tips Q: What do you predict for the future growth of chiropractic practices? A! Approximately 30% of medical physicians remain in pri­vate practice, and the day of the solo chiropractic practice is gone as well. The chiropractor of the future will b


New York Guard Chiropractors Attend Seminar

Florida Chiropractor, Dr. Alan M. Creed, one of the leading authorities on instrument adjusting in the chiropractic profession, gave a seminar, in March 2004, to the chiropractors of the Chiropractic Services Unit (CSU) of the 244th Medical Clinic o


Important Answers to "Report of Findings" Questions

N i:\V PATIENTS TYPICALLY COME IN to your office with many un­answered questions. They are somewhat apprehensive and are just looking for solutions to their problems. Most will have a very lim­ited, if any, understanding of chiro­practic care. They


Interview with Terry R. Yochum, D.C., D.A.C.B.R. Chiropractic Radiologist & Co-Author of Yochum & Rowe's Essentials of Skeletal Radiology

T his July will see the publication of the third edition of Dr. Terry Yochum's textbook, Yochum & Rowe's Essentials of Skeletal Radiology. It's hard to express the importance that this work has had in raising the profile of the chiropractic professi


Adjusting Table A Guide to Great

p ery Budget Shopping Spree Tables for Every Budg $1 900 to $6 500+ Mid-range tables still have plenty of bells & whistles, are built for reliability, and won't leave you broke. ME3 Elevation Stationary Price Range: $1,995-$3,000 Techniques most oft


YES, There Really Are 10 more great techniques

This is the fourth in an annual series of technique features presented by The American Chiropractor. For your refer­ence, below are alphabetized lists of the techniques highlighted in previous years. 2001: Volume 23, Issue #3 Advanced Biostructural



Steven Windwer- PERSONAL: Married to wife, Joan for 13 years and has 3 children (Taylor, 12; Alexandra, 9; and Nicholas, 7). Recreation and Leisure: "I exercise ev­ery day, either running, weight lifting, playing basketball, spinning or cycling.


Homeopathy: Claims of Efficacy and Safety Who says it's so great?

B ECAUSE OF THE RISE IN CONFIDENCE CONCERNING WELLNESS and alternative healthcare, chiropractors are at point of definition. We will be either specialists limited to simple musculoskeletal care or leaders in wellness care. As the reign­ing number on

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