March 1, 2004


Speaking Out

Dr.Guy Riekeman, Former Palmer Chancellor and Current President of Life University,Interview



In this issue... F ocusing on practice management this issue, we at TAC decided to contact as many practice manage­ment leaders as possible to get you the best, most current advice to improve your business and practice suc­cess. The result, as you c


Speaking Out

Things seemed to be going better than ever at Palmer! Since October 1998, when Dr. Guy Riekeman was named President of Palmer, the school had been gradually gaining strength and renewed support... J J he annual homecoming event, re-titled "Lyceum "


Dr.Guy Riekeman, Former Palmer Chancellor and Current President of Life University,Interview

Catching up with Dr. Riekeman by phone during his busy schedule as the new President of Life University wasn't easy. After weeks of pursuit by phone and email, we finally got Dr. Riekeman on the phone while he was in an airport hotel outside Chicago


Interim Presidents of Palmer and Palmer West Named

Donald P. Kern, D.C., was named interim president of Palmer College of Chiropractic, Davenport, in February 2004, with addi­tional oversight of Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida, Port Orange. He had been serving as senior campus administrator f


Did the CCE Play a Role in Riekeman's Resignation as Some Rumors Suggest?

Dr. Craig S. Little, D.C., President of the Board of Directors Council on Chiropractic Education (CCE) Responds: The comments suggesting that a chiropractic pro­gram removed a college president, "out of fear of the CCE", is not sup­ported by history


Lung Pathology or Pseudo-Lesion

IN THE I'KE-ANIIBIOIIf ERA, THE ONLY TREATMENT FOR PULMO- nary tuberculosis was rest and or lung resection of the dis­eased segment. Secondary or re-infection tuberculosis most commonly occurs in the lung apices. This patient had surgery with resect


Ten Easy Steps to a Successful Screening

C HIROPRACTORS ALL OVER THE COUNTRY CONduCt health screenings. Some are successful, some are not. The ones who are not successful typically fail because they do not properly prepare for success. The following ten steps will help ensure success the n



PERSONAL: Married to wife, Robyn for 2 years and has a son, Pryce (7months). Recreation and Leisure: I love to spend time with family because we are spread throughout the country. With the baby, our spare time is at a minimum right now. I enjoy golf


Practice Management Directory

FIRST EDITION ractice Management The 2X+1 Chiropractic Mastermind A mastermind of the world's wealthiest doctors who have qui­etly revolutionized their practices using the proprietary 2X+1 system which is the OPPOSITE of what practice management or


Advice from the Experts

E xpanding on Dr. Mark Sanna's regularly featured Practice Management Tips, this issue we're adding some bonus tips in celebration of our annual Prac­tice Management issue! That's right; we've asked twelve of the biggest names in chiropractic practi

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