January 1, 2004


Practice Management TIPS

Dish Syndrome



In this issue... It's our annual Nutrition issue! Since all of us here at TAC take our supplements religiously, this is definitely one of our favorite issues of the year! Of course after trying different supplements over the years, we know what a g


Practice Management TIPS

Q: Which adjunctive services, if offered, have you found to be most beneficial for chiropractic practices? A: The language of reimbursement today is the language of function. In order to fully participate in the mainstream of healthcare, chiropracto


Dish Syndrome

Considerations Diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH) is a general­ized spinal and extraspinal articular disorder that is character­ized by ligamentous calcification and ossification. The most prominent radiographic expressions of this dise


Generate a Positive "First Impression"

An individual will receive their first impression of your practice based upon their interaction with your front desk staff. A FIRST IMPRESSION IS A LASTING IMPRESSION. An individual will receive their first impression of your practice based upon the



PERSONAL: Married to wife, Kathy for 14 years and has 3 children (Christina, age 11; Eleni, age 9; and Alexandra, age 6). Recreation and Leisure: We love to vaca­tion with a couple of wonderful families we met through our children's school. I still


Nutrition, For a Healthier Practice

N UTRITION CAN BE A HEALTHY ADDITION TO YOUR chiropractic or multidisciplinary practice and help your patients achieve greater well-being. Nutrition is low-cost, easy to implement and can make your treatments more effective. A happy, healthy pa­tien



Looking to expand your expertise in pre­scribing nutritional supplementation for your patients? This issue, TAC offers you three very different, but very effective, nutritional, programs for your consider­ation. We've asked three ex­perts to describ


Create a Safe Place to Fail

M OST PATIENTS DON'T "GET" CHIROPRACTIC ON their first exposure to it. So, if you'd like to increase the likelihood of subsequent reactivations, even referrals, create a safe place for new patients to "fail." Failing, is when a patient begins chirop


The Five Stages of Pregnancy PART I

N UTRITIONAL PLANNING DURING PREG-nancy is pretty straightforward, isn't it? An extensive amount of literature has been written about the topic. The problem is that it is broad, over­whelming, and, frankly, a bit boring. For this reason, many of the


Enhance the Benefits of Nutrition with Homeopathy

I N OUR CULTURE, WE ARF FINDING THAT MOST PATIENTS ARE OPEN to new ideas and desire to explore alternative therapies to answer their healthcare needs. Such progressivism is great, but that openness has spawned an enormous and sometimes unwieldy expl

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