November 1, 2003


"Quackbuster" Wants to Set the "Yellow Page" Record Straight

Outraged Canadian Blows the Whistle on FDA "Greed"



In this issue... T he cover story, featuring Dr. Mitch Mally, was es­pecially fun for all of us at TAC this issue, since Mitch is a long-term friend—someone we actually know in person. We find our interviewees for the Million Dollar Chiropractic col


C2 to C3 Congenital Block Vertebra

Description. When two adjacent vertebrae are osseously fused from birth, this joined unit is called a congenital block vertebra. Embryologically, this is the result of fail­ure of the normal segmentation process of the somites during the period of d


Feeling vs. Functioning: A Simple Solution to a Common Practice Problem

D espite our extensive background in the philosophy of our profession, we, as chiropractors, often fall into the "MEDJt CAL MODEL QFTJHJMKMG" We may find ourselves making care decisions based upon the symptoms the patients report on the day we see t


Software and Technology

W i ii:n selecting a sofiware package for your office, take your time and know exactly what you are looking for. There are many applications on the market today to choose from and the search can be intimidating for someone who is not savvy on the la



r.. Mitch PERSONAL: "I enjoy life to the fullest with my part­ner and fiancee, Jules Johanson. Com­bined, we have six fantastic children; my three beautiful daughters, Alissa, Genna and Shailyn, plus, Jules' terrific trio, Jacob, Breanna and Ashleig


Trigenics Myoneural Medicine

A a chiropractor, I have been focusing on the human nervous system and correction of related neuromusculoskeletal dysfunction for over twenty years. Although chiropractic adjust­ments constantly produce tremendous results, the holding elements and s


Chiropractic Marketing 101

1. Generate more new patients. 2. Keep the patients you already have. 3. Market the practice effectively. 4. Repeat. I t is simplistic in appearance. Many may say that it is even naive. Yet "hidden" in the simplicity may be just what you were lookin


Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger

A i riend of mine, a chiropractor, was listening to the tail end of a talk I was giving in Florida, and after the talk, asked me to explain this cheesebur­ger thing to him. I told Mike, (that's his name) that the cheeseburger phenomenon is something

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