July 1, 2003


Lumbar Spine Trauma

Increased Public Awareness + Education



In this issue... T his is TAC's first issue featuring Seminars & Edu­cation Opportunities and, oh, what a handful! With our ongoing commitment to "the continuing edu­cation and advancement of the chiropractic professional— YOU", (TAC's Mission) in t


Lumbar Spine Trauma

Below are X-rays of different patients who have sustained trauma to the lumbar spine. The two most common fractures in the lumbar spine are demonstrated in the figures below. Can you identify them? C ompression fractures are the most common fracture


Increased Public Awareness + Education

= New Patients Y in io\i t liiKoPRACTic. You want to share the benefits of chiropractic with the whole world. You would like to add a few new patients a week to your practice. Accomplish all this and more through a performance workshop presentation.


Interview with Fabrizio Mancini, D.C.

President, Parker Seminars & Parker College of Chiropractic FABRIZIO MANCINI came to the United States in 1978 from Colombia, South America. His dream was to become a doc­tor to help alleviate the suffer­ing of others. His journey be­gan in Dallas a



L-jach article in the MILLION DOLLAR CHIROPRACTIC (IV£«fl>O) focuses on the top surveyed issues facing chiropractors today. Recruiting new patients, retention, profitability, marketing and staffing are each a determining factor in the growth, potent


Inflammation, Pain, and Alzheimer's Disease: Condition-based care

A lzheimer's is a devastating disease that we should try to prevent, not only for ourselves, but also for our families. Patients with Alzheimer's disease lose cogni­tive function, emotional expression and memory, which essen­tially prevents them fro


TVM vs. A Chiropractic "Wasteland"

A Chiropractic "Wasteland" The Vickery Method of Chiropractic and Osteopathy Chiropractic, a Wasteland? Things have never been better. Accepted in all states, aca­demic accreditation, almost full members of the healing arts is the way most see it. T


The Promise of Matrix Repatterning

Matrix Repatterning H eather arrived at my office with a look of disdain on her face. She was on a mission. She was here to see yet another practitioner that was bound to fail her. She had been in constant pain for twenty-eight of her thirty-four ye


The Quiet Mouse... Gets No Cheese

A rl you a man or a mouse? You were tops in your class out of chiroprac­tic college, read every report on new techniques and technology and are the Leonardo DaVinci of the examination room. BUT, itdoesn Vmatter, for, all your expertise, golden hands


Candida/Yeast & Homeopathy

I n recent years, Candida ("yeast") has become a household word among many health conscious people, pro­ducing over one hundred common and elusive symptoms prominent in our soci­ety. The broad range of symptoms can include fatigue, allergies, immune

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