February 1, 2003


King Bio's ICV Clenz

Congrats on 25th anniversary!



IN THIS ISSUE... W ith this issue's focus on practice management, our cover story features a very unique individual and highly successful chiropractor and prac­tice consultant, Dr. Eric Kaplan. In this interview, Dr. Kaplan shares with us his philos


King Bio's ICV Clenz

Over the past 25 years, I have found the Ileocecal Valve (ICV) Syndrome to be the #1 cause of autointoxication in the body. I have experienced phenom­enal results with correcting this condi­tion and I have also been highly frus­trated with the high


Bottom Line with Popular Diet Books

Wherever I go people ask me about various diet books; are they good, are they accurate, do I believe them, and many other similar questions. The diet book in­dustry is basically a marketer's paradise, the reason being that we are basically a lazy sp


Schmorl's Node Phenomenon

See Article on Next Page t-> Description Schmorl's nodes occur when the nucleus pulposus herniates through the vertebral endplate. These defects have also been called cartilaginous nodes and intraspongy nuclear herniations.1 There may be an inherent


Increase Referrals, Decrease missed Opportunities

Getting a referral is the act of receiving the name of a potential patient from an existing patient. Referrals are a fantas­tic way to add new patients to your practice. It seems that some doctors feel extremely comfortable asking their current pati


TAC Catches up with Chiropractor, Practice Management Leader, and Best Selling Author, Dr. Eric Kaplan

Practice Management \ Leader, and Best Selling Author, Dr. Eric Kaplan D r. Eric Kaplan is the CEO of MBA Inc., one of the nation's largest Multi-Specialty consult- ing companies. A graduate of New York Chiropractic College, as a practicing chiropra


How to Use "Higher" Technology to Simplify the Dynamic Surface EMG Exam

One thing you may find in common among technogeek. product designers is that they are very, very lazy. That's right. I work around sixty-plus hours a week, but I'm the most lazy person in the world. My laziness means better products for you. You see

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