January 1, 2003

Nutritional Adjustment with Coenzyme Q1O

Partial Agenesis of the C1 Posterior Arch

The New Lifestyle: Chiropractic, Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness


Nutritional Adjustment with Coenzyme Q1O

reverse myopathology Myopathology is considered by most, if not all, chiropractors to be a compo­nent of subluxation. This is a reasonable view, as degenerative changes are known to occur in muscle after injury, dur­ing hypomobile states, and as par


Partial Agenesis of the C1 Posterior Arch

Embrylology. Ossification of the first cervical vertebra begins about the seventh fetal week at the lateral masses, and proceeds perichondrally in a dorsal direction, creating the posterior arch of the atlas. In the second year of life, a secondary


The New Lifestyle: Chiropractic, Exercise, Nutrition & Wellness

Physical Activity and Good Nutrition It's a sad fact that chronic disease ac­counts for seven of every ten U.S. deaths, and for more than 60% of medical care expenditures. The prolonged illness and disability associated with many chronic diseases de


"I Don't Have Enough Time"

If you improve your ability to perform your tasks, you will find that you have created more time! The battle cry of so many chiropractors today seems to be, "I don't have enough time!" The funny thing about this state­ment is that everyone has exact


Diet and Diabetes

Diabetes is the leading cause of adult blindness, kidney failui non-traumatic amputations, heart disease, and stroke. t k r any chiropractors are searching for ways to ethi- I */ ■ cally increase their patient loads and make clinical *— t JL. practi


A New Perspective on the Treatment of Athletes

I have worked with many elite athletes over the years and have always found the experience challenging and en­lightening. I say challenging because of the level of excel­lence they demand. It is not good enough simply to get a top-level athlete out


1978 TAC Celebrates It's 25th Year in Publication

"We have supplied controversy and encouraged discussions but, even in our disagreements, we have always supported chiropractic." ym Journal for the Education and Entertainment of...The American Chiropractor— JLM proclaimed the original title of the


The Triune of Exercise

Part III of a Three Part Series Dealing on Handling Sports Injuries, Soft Tissue Damage, and Severe Degeneration w hen treating soft tissue injuries, especially the chronic degenerative ones, you must be well versed in the Triune of Exercise. I'm no


MCA Doctor Takes Chiropractic to Professional Sports

The Michigan Chiropractic Associa­tion (MCA) has a twenty-year history of combining chiropractic with sports. Through the organization's Chiroprac­tic Information Bureau (CIB) doctors have volunteered their time to provide chiropractic care for athl

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