February 1, 2002

Seminar Tour

TAC takes you to The Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition Seminar

Practice Management

Seven Essential Steps to Get the Most out of Your Team

Practice Management

Turbo-Charge Your Practice

Seminar Tour

TAC takes you to The Loomis Institute of Enzyme Nutrition Seminar

TAC VIP, Jaclyn Busch, disguised as a mild-mannered reporter, has been fly­ing the friendly skies again—this time wending her way to San Francisco to sit in on The Loomis Institute of Enzvrne Nutrition Seminar, which debuted in January 2002, in Phoe

Practice Management

Seven Essential Steps to Get the Most out of Your Team

H ave you ever thought of what it would be like to be an employee in your own office? Most chi­ropractors have been self-employed business owners for long enough to have a hard time remembering what it is like to be an employee. Here arc a few tips

Practice Management

Turbo-Charge Your Practice

A s chiropractors, one of the greatest chal­lenges we face, is our abil­ity to find new prospective patients, explore their con­cerns, and meet their needs with the services we pro­vide. Still in its infancy, chi­ropractic is unknown to most and mis


Adding Dietary Advice and Supplements to Your Practice--The "Baby Step" Method

C hiropractic theory de-scribcs the human body as a self-healing, self-regulating, and self-organiz­ing entity that only needs to be free of nervous system irritation or interference to do its job. What most of us have either forgotten, or were not


Practice Management Tools for the High Volume Practice

J ust about everybody in our society is expe­riencing at least one form of a chronic recurring health problem. From headaches to hemorrhoids or allergies to warts, people are seek­ing answers to a plethora of health problems. The doctors in greatest


Helping Your Body Heal Itself

I n the last issue of The American Chiroprac­tor, 1 related the story of my ruptured disc and the nutri­tional protocol of pro-tcolytic enzymes that I used to recover and avoid sur­gery. I also promised that, in this issue, 1 would deal with some of


Recruitment Revolution: Putting a New Spin on Spinal Screenings

I f you're like most other chiropractors, keeping a steady stream of new pa­tients coming through your doors is an essential, but often challenging, aspect of your practice building re­sponsibilities. How you approach the necessary task of promoting


Rehabilitating the Injured Elbow

Despite being anatomically analogous to the knee, the elbow is injured far less often. This is due, in large part, to the lower lev­els of force found in a non-weightbearing joint.

Case Study

Treatment for Herniated Discs

Introduction Axial decompression of the lumbar spine is not a new type of treatment; the idea has been around for many years. In fact, in the past, traction has been em­ployed for treatment of low back pain and many, mistak­enly, think traction and


The Annual Orthotic Re-examination

C ustom-fitted orthot­ics have proven to be very helpful for many chi­ropractic patients. How­ever, over time, they can lose their value or even be­come detrimental if they are not regularly checked and updated. Because they arc exposed to variable

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