January 1, 2000

Letter to the Editor

"The straight/mixer debate is contrived and irrelevant..."

More about "Student Loans and Loan Defaults"

In response to the reader survey questions from Vol. 21 #5



In this Issue you'll find our interview with Karl Parker, son of the late Jim Parker founder of Parker College, of great interest. This piece gives you further insight and lays to rest any questions about what happened to the Parker family, which is no longer involved with Parker College.


Chiropractors Gain Primary Care Status in Illinois

HMO Illinois, a 640,000-member HMO run by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois, has contracted with an inde­pendent practice group, AMI (Alternative Medicine Inc.), based in Highland Park, IL., that provides DCs as primary care physicians. Apparen


ACA Holds First Meeting between Claims Execs and Chiropractors

The American Chiropractic Association convened a meeting toward the end of last year between chiropractors and independent insur­ers to tackle persistent problems in claims processing. The Claims Solution Work Group provided, for the first time, a f


Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy

As we enter the new millenni­um, many have already begun to explore the depths of energetic medicine and therapy. I have spent many years engrossed in this exploration, and have created the sys­tem BioSET, which works on the energetic level, both di


Today's Fastest Growing and Cheapest Place to Market Your Practice

Using the Internet to promote an indi­vidual practice and the profession is such an important topic, it will com­prise the first two installments in this series of two arti­cles. This issue, the article will focus on the "Why" of using the Internet.


How to Freak People Out and Turn Them into Patients

Measure their height. That's it. It works, very, very, very, well, IF DONE PROPERLY. I've done it for years; and, when I showed other doctors how to do it, they too got excited patients. Long-standing subluxations create spinal degeneration: discs g


Parker Returns to Claim his Birthright

The son of the late, great Dr. James Parker, founder of Parker College of Chiropractic, Dr. Karl has devoted his life to nurturing and developing the ideals instilled in him by his father as to the future of chiropractic.